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Before moving to Kent in 2017 Keith and Susannah ran a Dairy Farm in Hampshire. 

With the move they down-scaled the farm in order to focus on the B&B, however Chilton is still a small, family-run, working farm.

Unlike a lot of conventional farms, Chilton is centred around sustainable, native, rare cattle. Here you will find two Critically Endangered Rare Breeds; the Albion and the Original Population Dairy Shorthorn. Both of these breeds have less than 250 breeding females left in the world and are in desperate need of saving. 

The Farm is situated in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and we are currently working with Natural England on a Stewardship Scheme to return some of our land to natural chalk downland, which suits Native Cattle perfectly. The cattle work symbiotically with the land to creature a diverse, ecological, habitat. 

Meet The Team


Susannah & Keith

Susannah and Keith met working on the same farm in Kent where Keith was the herdsman and Susannah was the relief milker. Susannah comes from a farming family whereas Keith is a first generation farmer. In 1998 Susannah and Keith went out farming for themselves on a tenant dairy farm in Winchester. Here they raised their children and enjoyed a successful farming career for 20 years, milking a mixed herd of 120 cows as a true, family run farm. This tenancy came to an end in 2017, hence the move to Kent. Susannah and Keith are still very much active, working farmers with 80 cows and 120 acres to farm, but this new venture has been a dream of theirs for a long time and they are both really excited for this new journey. 

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